Fala Chen Paving Film Queen Road, May Become Kelly Chen's "See Mui"

Friday, 6 September 2013


TVB series Triumph in the Skies II finale is airing soon. Fala Chen had been on a popularity rise depended on her role as "Holiday". The jobs are coming nonstop to her, just attending local and Mainland events alone, put nearly HK$1 million in her pockets. It was said since Fala's TVB contract expired in May, there was a large change she may return to her "maternal home", but yesterday [Good News] reported Fala is actually preparing to enter the film industry and work on becoming a film queen. Her goal is to go to Hollywood. Eric Tsang, Kelly Chen's manager Claudie Chung and EEG had already tried Fala to sign with them.


 It was understood, Eric Tsang is thinking of using HK$10 million to sign Fala. He clearly stated he would heavily promote her in films and promised to tailer her to become "Maggie Cheung Man Yuk #2". Eric believed Fala and Maggie had many things in common, such as acting potiental, so he has confidence in Fala. As for Claudie Chung Tsang, she didn't just have interest in becoming Fala's manager, she also took initiative to give Fala work advice to show her sincerity.


Fala indirectly admitted both Eric and Claudie had approached her. Between Eric and Claudie, who has a greater opportunity to collaborate with her? Fala kept everyone in suspense: "I still need some time to think. I hope to find a company with the same goals as me, collaborates pleasantly and should be on the same key. Tsang Jeh (Claudie) is great, she currently helping me by having her eye on my work." Fala appeared to be implying she is working with Claudie because after all, it is easier for females to communicate with one another. There is a great opportunity Fala may become Kelly's "see mui" (junior).

Thoughts: Hallelujah... Getting out of TVB is the best solution for all I mean... Dramas nowadays is just plain bad. Full faith in Fala.

Fala Chen continues education while reading scripts

Friday, 16 August 2013

Yesterday Francis Ng, Chilam Cheung, Fala Chen, Ron Ng, Nancy Wu, Kitty Yuen (Siu Yee) and the rest of Triumph in the Skies II cast attended the promotional event held at the Kowloon City Hong Kong Aviation Club. This is Fala's first attendance at a TITS2 promotion. We are already half way through the broadcast of the series. The plot has already developed to Fala dating "Cool Mor" Chilam, but because she couldn't let go of her late boyfriend, they broke up. Unfortunately Cool Mor misunderstood her, thinking she fell for "Sam Gor" Francis. It was rumored, Fala ends up with Sam Gor in the end and the playboy Cool Mor ends up alone. Myolie Wu and Ron Ng end up as a happy couple after overcoming several twist and turns.

 Francis expressed in a Mainland interview that the ending is everyone dying from a plane crash. However, yesterday he laughed and said that was just one of the possible endings. He said: "What series ends up like that? If so, then the TV ratings will be 100 points." When speaking of last night's episode scoring a high rating of 33 points at the scene when Sam Gor finally unties the "knot in his heart", Francis modestly said: "I don't remember what I did, you all are just giving me face."

Appearing at her first TITS2 promotion, Fala expressed she is prepared to treat the entire cast and crew dinner. She also disclosed she purchased a very nice 1970s bottle of red wine from an auction in the U.S. and will be sharing it with her colleagues at the dinner. Asked when she's going back to the U.S.? She said: "Not sure, the school hopes I continue my education. I have to thank TITS2 for bringing me a lot more jobs. I'm currently looking at scripts, but not as many as what the rumors are saying, that I have some 10 scripts to choose from. There are some English scripts, some are Mandarin scripts, but I'm not heading to Hollywood." Yesterday at the promotion, during the games, it was "uncovered" that Fala was familiar with her role or the theme song. Also, in last night's episode during the scene where Fala is laying on her bed, a Netizen spotted what appeared to be a "M stain" (from Menstrual period) on the bed sheet.

Chilam's birthday is on August 27th, he said: "Not going to do too much, just going to watch TITS2 with my wife to celebrate." Chilam apparently mentioned he had relationship problems? Chilam expressed he had never said that before. When asked about his relationship with his wife Anita Yuen? He said: "Just like what you all see, there is no reason for me to say we are sticking together!"

Fala Chen childhood dream was to become a pilot

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

[no repost allow] Most childhood dreams for the little ones are usually doctors, teachers, cop, etc. But Fala actually wanted to become a pilot, a really lofty ambition! After joining the industry, the dream flew farther and farther away, but from the relationship of being in the industry, Fala was given an opportunity to experience the life of a pilot.

Childhood dream accomplished 

Ten years ago, Triumph in the Skies was debuted and attracted numerous viewers. TVB has finally launched a sequel. Fala Chen portrayed a female pilot and having a chance to travel to many beautiful places to shoot the drama. "In fact, to perfect the romantic love stories in the drama, we get to travel to a lot of beautiful places. France, United Kingdom, Taiwan, few large blue and white sky scenes, all the scenes are very special and attractive. The intricacies with each love lines, I was really touched by these episodes, romantic love story is to be every woman's desire to taste." Speaking about her pilot experience, Fala said: "Even though you're filming, you still need to learn some basic knowledge. Each of us has a real scene with the airplane, there's a scene that I was responsible for the plane's landing, most happiest moment for me was at the helm of the aircraft, the landing at that moment was super super cool. I was supper happy to even think that my childhood dream has been achieved."

Not afraid of comparison

Triumph in the Skies received many praised and satisfaction by the viewers, sequels will inevitably be compared, but Fala was never worried: "The first was released a decade ago, the lapse is too long, as long as the viewers could view the romantic story lines and the fact that we did our best. There's a fly overhead scene before we could even take pictures, in case of NG we have to take off after landing, it costed a lot of money, so we all did our best in ability for every scene. Eventually, we all just say OK! Save time so we can go shopping!"

Thoughts: Nice to hear about her childhood dream, glad to know she accomplished it. Haha, they all did their absolute best to save time for shopping. lol

Fala Chen sinking in what's missing in the past 7 years

Sunday, 14 July 2013

no repost allow 

[News] Fala Chen love to display her inner world by expressing it on her weibo. Fala said:  "I'm always melancholy and moody, but so are artists in showbiz, being smooth and slick with work and daily life. It's like a giant open sea, falling apart." She can't display secret, but instead she silently scream them out in poems and quotes. One of her lines "For every person, there's a time limit, they can only rely on themselves to grab a hold of it."

Talking about her role in "Triumph in the Skies 2", a girl raised in the UK, go through a tough time with depression, later encounter Francis and Chilam in a love triangle. Fala said: "This role resembles me, the role was about a girl who has no direction until she takes off as a pilot, seeking self-confidence, although people continued to pour cold water, but in the end she successfully pursued her direction. It's like me acting infront of me. I love my career, although being in the eyes of the judgments, I gained a lot of knowledge."

Fala expressed that her role found her confidence due to Francis' character. Fala expressed: "I slowly understand acting, I realize my acting material wasn't enough. Watching Francis Ng's acting, it's naturally good, I discovered that I was in a good closed environment. Constantly, I was emotionally exhausted. I'm 30 now, how much more do I have to take to be able to get out? I don't know the direction that will help reduce my exhaustion. Even now that it was found, isn't it too late?"

At the moment she decided to disappear from showbiz, attending a performing art school in NYC. "My professor, heard that I was acting for a long time, I had played my role seven times longer than an American actor may have played a lifetime." Fala didn't complain about showbiz, because everything was ahead of her character. "An opportunity is infront of my eyes and I ran straight for it. In fact, now I want to breathe and see the world which I have not seen in the past seven years, it's like a rubber band being cut off, I'm no longer a new actor, there's not much time left."

Without a contract, her drama and movie is coming up with numerous promotional activities. Fala have a really good plan, intact a bit with Michelle Ye's shadow. "The first is to stabilize income; second is to become famous; third is to be respected. I want to be a valuable actor. In the future I will focus on the cause in acting. Every woman's dream is for a man to give her the sky, but ultimately it is up to us."

 Thoughts: WOW. I hope she will have a long break, breathe in the fresh air. Showbiz isn't her peaceful place.

The Making: Triumph in the Skies 2

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Part 1

Part 2 


Thoughts: two more days folks. This is the first time tvb release a 'making' of a drama, they should do it often.

TITS2: Fala Chen Kissing Everywhere Enjoying Romance

Thursday, 11 July 2013

In Triumph in the Skies II Francis Ng, Fala Chen and Chilam Cheung have a subtle and complicated love triangle, which is probably the most exciting story in the series. Myolie's previous role "Zoe" dies from an illness and while grieving over his wife's passing, Sam Tong (Francis) goes on vacation and met Fala. Fala's boyfriend died from an accident while driving a personal plane. Suffering from the same pain of losing their loved ones, Francis and Fala comforted each other and developed a relationship. On the other hand, Fala meets the handsome pilot Chilam, who is very similar to her late boyfriend. The two immediately sparked love, but Fala later develops true feelings for Francis.

Fala is a two time titleholder of the "Best Supporting Actress" title and has gained certainity in her acting. TITS2 producer Au Kwoon Ying frankly expressed the role was indeed a challenge for the young Fala, he said: "Fala has potential and is hardworking. Francis is very willing to talk to her and really communicate with her, which really helps produce a better outcome."

Facing the two handsome and experienced actors; from wrestling the relationship dilemma in the series to exchanging acting skills behind the cameras, Fala exhausted her life experiences in this performance. She expressed she has many kiss scenes and she had a mental barrier. She laughed: "I kissed both of them...a benefit to them! Chilam's role loves only me, but I didn't know what to do. On the contrary, Francis' heavy role actually has his own romantic side. (Francis is known to be strict?) I'm stricter than him!"

Ten years ago, Myolie portrayed Zoe, who actively pursued Sam (Francis) and they ended up as a married couple. In the sequel, Zoe dies from an illness and Myolie's second role as Summer, the aircraft maintanence worker is a tomboy and looks just like Zoe. She won't be falling for Francis anymore, instead she falls for his younger brother Issac (Ron Ng).

Zoe left a deep impression on the audience, but unfortunately she dies. Myolie said: "If she doesn't die, the story cannot go on. Just think of its a flawed beauty. I really like [my other] role, she's very hot and doesn't talk much. She usually uses her eyes and body language to express herself!" Aside from her romance with Ron, Myolie hopes the audience will pay attention to her silbing relationship with Chilam.

Fala Chen ft. in JET Magazine

Triumph in the Skies 2 cast in Malaysia: Day 2

Sunday, 30 June 2013

airport and side pictures will be post later...

Triumph in the Skies 2 cast in Malaysia (Paradigm Mall)

Friday, 28 June 2013

Francis Ng, Chilam Cheung, Fala Chen, Ron Ng, and Nancy Wu attended their first promotion day in Malaysia. When asked which scene in the drama creates a big impression? Francis said: "dinner with the Eiffel Tower view." Fala said: "the rainbow scene on the last day." Nancy, Ron, and Francis live together in the drama so all the memories came back fully. Ron Ng was impressed with the Eiffel Tower as well. 

Thoughts: Fala's bangs are too cute.